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In 2004 Paul van Tilburg of T&T co-founded a network of European M&A boutiques. With the growing importance of cross-border transactions T&T recognized that there was an opportunity for cooperation between mid market professionals like themselves. Besides founder Paul has been Vice-Chairman and board member plus admission officer for the network expansion. Extending contacts with boutiques spread around the globe at 5 continents resulted nowadays in M&A Worldwide with over 40 members in as many countries creating deals on a regular basis. Transaction value in 2016 by some 350 professionals of M&A Worldwide for 641 deals out of which 33% Sellside, 12 % Buyside, 15 % Finance and 40 % other deals resulted in a total value of Euro 3,4 billion.

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Examples of recent sector studies in the Healthcare and ICT industry are

Sector study IT:

Key factors currently driving development in the IT market are Connectivity and Mobility, with companies across the world becoming increasingly focused on how to understand, contribute to and ultimately gain advantage from the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) are discussed in depth by MAWW industry experts on page 5 and 8 of the report. Mergers and acquisitions represent an important strategic tool to fulfill or accelerate the growth of the IT industry. Our network has been involved in 28 M&A deals during 2016 in the IT sector. Also 2017 looks as a busy year buoyed by strong public market valuations and significant liquidity in traditional capital markets.

Sector report Healthcare:

Healthcare M&A reached a 2.5 times increase over the previous decade’s average annual value. Several industry specific trends further fueled the healthcare M&A boom. Firstly, demand for healthcare is surging given the rise of chronic and lifestyle diseases, aging populations and a growing middle class in many developing regions. As a result, there will be continued pressure globally to contain healthcare costs, which have consistently outrun GDP growth. Innovation is bringing new drugs, devices, technology and analytics to the market and new government regulations are aiming to improve quality and increase access to healthcare. These trends are shifting the way that healthcare is delivered across the globe, triggering consolidation along the value chain as firms position themselves to emerge as winners. For healthcare PE investors 2016 was a strong year for buyouts and exits but headwinds emerged in the second half of the year.

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